About us

Some information on the team

Theme Joomla is a Joomla code / design business and community in the form of Joomla CMS extensions (templates, components, modules, plugins and addons) specifically for the Joomla CMS system. Theme Joomla was conceptualized 2008, and has been open since May of 2008. Theme Joomla’s primary focus is on free (open source / creative commons) and commercial releases to the growing Joomla community. Theme Joomla provides these services as part of the Site Source Solution network - who handle all secure digital downloads for Theme Joomla.

Base Camp Joomla Addicts, Goals and Aspirations to the Future

Currently the Theme Joomla team consists of Lumo, Skashi and Fizz. Lumo handles the conceptual, design and visual aspects of Theme Joomla, Skashi heads up the PHP and technical coding and scripting, and Fizz works on the content and also design side of things. Besides that there are several out-sourced specialists who handle the other various technical aspects of Theme Joomla as required. Theme Joomla is focused at bringing high quality additions to the Joomla CMS world, hoping to improve Joomla globally, plus bring the understanding, concepts and benefits of Joomla to more people around the world.