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Input Boxes and Hover effects

Just wanted to ask a n00b question probably easy for advanced programmers but, I am having troubles with a template/core component. If you look at the screen-shot you will notice that the drop down menu's are white with white text until you mouse over them. Is there a way to fix that?

Also when you log in as admin and if you put your mouse over the edit button on the top of each article there is supposed to be a comment balloon pop-up with "Edit article , Published, Public, blah blah... Well on my page the words popup but no balloon so you just have floating words following the cursor and it's impossible to read with the page text underneath.

Also wanted to add that this is only a problem with the sublime template, which is awesome BTW!!! Like I said all are probably basic n00b questions but I'm no joomla! uber-coder. Thanks!!!

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