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Kupo Slides Content Plugin

The Kupo Slides Content Plugin allows you to display your Kupo Slides Content inside your Joomla articles without having to use any other external plugins. This plugin makes it easy to display a gallery or slideshow related to an article from within the actual article.

Simply setup your Kupo Slides Display Module as normal, publish the module (make sure that the module is not assigned to any menu so it does not display in a module position) then install and enable the plugin. Open up your Joomla article and place the plugin call text (for example {kuposlides 13} would display the gallery or slideshow setup with module ID 13.

technical features

  • Display inside articles - Galleries or Slideshows
  • No need for external plugins - works specifically for Kupo Slides

selected images

Kupo Slides Content Plugin

purchase, license and downloading

Kupo Slides Content Plugin can be downloaded directly from our download repository for all registered members (registration is free)